Christmas Craft Fair 2018


NFG Art & Craft  Fair 2018

Mungrisdale Village Hall

Preview Evening Friday 23rd November 6pm-8pm

Saturday 24th November 10.30am-4.30 pm

Sunday 25th November 10.30 am – 3pm

Refreshments available.

Home made baking.


For further details please contact

Philippa Groves Village Agent 016974 78555 



Unique Christmas Gifts

Original paintings





Cards & Calendars


Home Baking

Local Produce


And much more ..

Christmas Cards 2017


CHRISTMAS CARDS 2017 – £2.00

5 in a pack of the same design




 Snowdrops by Jude Emms   

 Robin, Howbeck by Roy Knowles  

Thistlebottom sheep and High Pike by Eileen Paterson

Feedback from NW Ambulance Service Meeting at Millhouse

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Patient Experience Team Meeting at Millhouse


Rachel Bates from North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Patient Experience Team contacted both NFG and Caldbeck Area First Responders asking if we could get a small group of people together for an informal chat about the service.


A meeting was set up for them to visit us at Millhouse Village Hall on October 17th.  Three NWAS personnel and eleven residents attended a sometimes lively meeting.  Numerous emailed accounts of the service were presented to the team and on the whole those comments were very favourable.  There were some burning issues from the floor and the NWAS team took them away with them for further investigation.


As a main concern rural response times were highlighted and the fact that ambulances sometimes had difficulty in finding rural addresses.  It was decided to publicise the Point Taken scheme which logs all difficult addresses.  See below.


Rachel Bates has thanked us for organising this meeting and has asked for a further meeting in the New Year as the feedback was valuable to them.



North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust covers some of the most rural parts of England with a large part of the region classed as remote.

From villages to remote farms where there are people, the ambulance service is needed.

Up to the minute technology allows the Trust to find the vast majority of properties in an instant but in a bid to reassure the population their property is not off the radar, the Trust has set up the Point Taken Team, initially capturing data in the Cumbria area only.

After all, if you live in a rural area, you’ll know that some places can be hard to find.

Hopefully, you will never need the services of a paramedic but if you are worried that an ambulance might not find your house when you have called 999, the Point Taken Team is there to put your mind at rest. All you need to do is contact the Team and give as many details as possible about the location of your property. Once the Team has these details it will check the Trust’s mapping system to see if your property is clearly marked.

If it isn’t, the Team can then use a variety of methods to put you on the map and enable emergency crews to accurately pin-point your address as fast as possible when you need them most.

If you live in the Cumbria area and are concerned that paramedics may not find your property when you call 999 then the Point Taken Team can put your mind at rest to make sure you are on the map.


Rachel Bates

Patient Experience Assistant

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Shoretel: 4311

Telephone: 0151 261 2588

North West Ambulance Team – Come and meet us and share your experiences!

Have you had reason to call 999?

Have you had an accident or illness which required an ambulance?

Have you been in an ambulance as a patient or relative/friend?

The Patient Experience Team at North West Ambulance Service, are offering us the opportunity to share our feedback regarding our experiences of using North West Ambulance Service.  This is an important issue for us as we live in such a rural area.

Please let us know if you can attend a meeting on Tuesday 17th October at 2pm at Millhouse Village Hall.  They would like to hear about your experiences, good, bad or indifferent.

If you or a relative or friend have used the service this year please could you let us know if you would be willing and able to attend this meeting as we would like a rough idea of numbers.

Please contact

Philippa Groves

NFG Village Agent for Castle Sowerby & Mungrisdale

Phone 016974 78555


or any village agent will be able to give you more details.


Surplus Apples

Surplus Apples Scheme 2017

If you know of any surplus apples that would otherwise be going to waste then please let us know. You can deliver them to our drop off points or we can help pick and help collect.  These schemes have worked very well in the past and have helped save waste as well as make our own very healthy and delicious blend of apple juice, jams and chutneys.


Every donor of apples will be given a bottle of juice and the remainder will go on sale and after costs the proceeds will be donated to the Northern Fells Group. Please remember that it takes a supermarket carrier bag full of apples to make a litre of juice.


In the past bottles of NFG apple juice, jams and chutneys have been bought as unique local Christmas presents.


If you are interested in helping collect/deliver apples we would be very happy to hear from you too.


Collection points are The Old Rectory, Caldbeck and the Men-in-Sheds Workshop in Caldbeck on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am- 2pm,


Please contact the coordinator Anne Cartmell on 016974 78484 or any Village Agent

Ukulele – new venue

The Ukulele Group is now meeting every Monday evening at 7.00pm at The Old Crown Pub in Hesket Newmarket!

Come and join us – bring your instrument – beginners welcome!

Hesket Newmarket Show

Come and visit us at the Hesket Newmarket Show on Saturday September 2nd

Cards for sale! Information about all our activities!

Spinning Open Day

Northern Fells Group Spinning & Wool-crafts Open Day at Millhouse Village Hall on Bank Holiday Monday was a huge success with nearly 100 people attending a splendid and and attractive woven lengths were among the items on display and for sale.

There were spinning demonstrations throughout the day and people were encouraged to have a go! Some hilarious results from the felting table were keeping everyone amused whilst others were very colourful event.  Carol Hine who runs the fortnightly sessions was herself amazed when everything was in place at how much the group has achieved in such a short space of time.  Beautiful felted items, lovely colourful rugs, gorgeous knitted garments, ingenious needle felted animals impressed with their achievements and most went home very happy with a finished piece.  Much interest and lengthy discussions ensued over weaving on the loom and peg looms on display.  There were great chances to learn to crochet and needle felt and many people were very keen to try, one of our first visitors in her eighties said she wanted to start a new hobby and left saying she was coming back to have a go at everything, it was all so interesting and fun. Several new people have expressed an interest in joining the group when it starts back on September 6th and fortnightly thereafter.

Everyone involved worked hard but all said they had enjoyed the day and met so many interesting people; we even had visitors from abroad who were very complimentary about our Cumbrian hospitality.

Light refreshments were available all day lovely homemade scones and cakes which were all donated and produced around £130 for the group for hall costs and further projects.  In fact two new fleeces had been purchased before the end of the day and now the group has its eye on a further weaving loom.

If you would be interested to join us please contact Philippa Groves to find out more about our next sessions or call on 016974 78555


Spinning and Wool Crafts Open Day

Spinning & Woolcraft

Northern Fells Group are having a Spinning and Wool-crafts Open Day at Millhouse Village Hall on Bank Holiday Monday August 28th from 10am till 4pm. FREE ENTRY. Please come and join us anytime throughout the day and see some of the lovely things already produced by the group members.  Try your hand at spinning, have a go at weaving or felt-making, demos and hands on opportunities for everyone. We will have some lovely work for sale and will be serving light refreshments all day.

Sheep on Carrock by Tracy Absalom

This group was started when confusion arose out of an advertisement we put in our local magazine about spinning (exercise on bikes)!!  Lots of people started to contact local village agent Philippa Groves asking if they could bring their spinning wheel along.   Realizing that there were a number of interested parties, Philippa contacted Carol Hine who agreed to run some trial sessions and the rest is history, the group bloomed from four or five to over a dozen including some very talented male spinners. Soon lovely hanks of yarn started to appear, then someone asked about felting and the hall was filled with enthusiastic folk rubbing and scrubbing and beautiful felt pictures, then laptop bags and even slippers have been produced.

If you would be interested please come along and talk to Carol on the day or contact Philippa Groves to find out more about our next sessions which start again in September. or call on 016974 78555

open day spinning



Forage Walk with John Crouch 24th May 2017

Local chef and forage expert John Crouch led a walk from Hesket Newmarket to Caldbeck on a beautiful May morning. We had hardly taken a few steps into the woodland before he found things to entice the senses. What appeared to be an ordinary leaf or flower when crushed would produce a fragrance of garlic, lemon, aniseed and many others. As we collected, we were told ways it could be prepared and provided with titbits of historical and literary information, such as the fact that the branches of hazel tree were once used to make arrows because they grow in such an unwavering line. We passed banks of wild garlic flowers and stood under many trees in full blossom. We watched the two rivers converge at Waters Meeting and stood at the empty river bed further on. We discovered the mouse restaurant under the hazel tree and empty teeth marked shells.

After our walk we returned to the Caldbeck Parish Hall for lunch and a cooking demonstration using some of the recently foraged produce. John was most entertaining and informative, drawing on his extensive knowledge of domestic life at Dove Cottage. Everything tasted wonderful and the recipes were uncomplicated. Further events are planned. Look out for more information. The event was supported for NFG by the Wordsworth Trust.

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