Annual General Meeting 2019 with Agenda

17 th Annual General Meeting of Northern Fells Group (Northern Fells Rural Community Development Group)

  • Caldbeck Parish Hall
  • Monday 23rd September at 7.00pm.

For queries, contact Diane on 016974 78094 or email


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the last AGM, 13th September 2018
  3. Matters arising
  4. Chairman’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Adoption of Annual Report and Accounts.
  7. Election of Officers and Committee: Chairman, Vice Chairman and Honorary Treasurer  and 11 other members. Each of the seven parish councils is entitled to nominate a committee member who shall also be eligible for election as an officer.
  8. Election of Secretary.
  9. Appointment of Independent Examiners (Auditors)
  10. Fixing of annual subscription.
  • Refreshments

Previous Minutes


Cookery Mornings for Men, Report for 2017

Another year flies by and our men’s cookery group have achieved great things culminating in decorating their own Christmas cakes which were made earlier in the year under the guidance of Andrew Teasdale.  At other sessions he helped them make made chicken & ham pies, steak & kidney pudding and jam roly-poly

Margaret Brough again provided several sessions and made cock-a-leekie soup, swirl tomato scones, twice baked cheese soufflés which were hugely impressive, sticky toffee pudding, marmalade ice cream and Queen of puddings.

Filling in between Margaret and Andrew, Philippa Groves, giving them a wide choice of assorted ingredients helped them to make their own recipe frittatas.  At other sessions we have also made pork pies, peppermint creams, rum truffles, tiramisu and risotto

Again this year we were ably assisted by Anne Robinson, Pat Shaw and Jay Maclean who chivvy and encourage the men and help clean up before and after lunch.  Our sessions end with a communal lunch which is nearly always ‘the one we prepared earlier’ and usually lively discussions about the mornings cooking.

Numbers for the mornings are limited by space and pre-booking is essential to make sure we have sufficient ingredients and pots and pans.

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