Reports and Leaflets

Two Reports contributed to the development of the Northern Fells Group, Foot and Mouth in Rural Cumbria by University of Newcastle in 2002 and Under the Stones, the final report of the Northern Fells Group Pilot Project.

Also available are the last 5 years accounts and Annual Reports and the Evaluation of the Village Agents Project 2015.

Please note, some of these reports may have out-of-date contact details. For the latest contact details please check the Contact Us and Staff pages.

Northern Fells Group Newsletters and Leaflets

Research Reports

  • Under the Stones – Northern Fells Rural Project review and conclusions, 2002
  • Foot and Mouth in the Northern Fells – Effects of the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak in the Northern Fells area (by University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Centre for Rural Economy)

Village Agent Reports

Northern Fells Group Annual Reports and Accounts

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