Feedback from NW Ambulance Service Meeting at Millhouse

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Patient Experience Team Meeting at Millhouse


Rachel Bates from North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Patient Experience Team contacted both NFG and Caldbeck Area First Responders asking if we could get a small group of people together for an informal chat about the service.


A meeting was set up for them to visit us at Millhouse Village Hall on October 17th.  Three NWAS personnel and eleven residents attended a sometimes lively meeting.  Numerous emailed accounts of the service were presented to the team and on the whole those comments were very favourable.  There were some burning issues from the floor and the NWAS team took them away with them for further investigation.


As a main concern rural response times were highlighted and the fact that ambulances sometimes had difficulty in finding rural addresses.  It was decided to publicise the Point Taken scheme which logs all difficult addresses.  See below.


Rachel Bates has thanked us for organising this meeting and has asked for a further meeting in the New Year as the feedback was valuable to them.



North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust covers some of the most rural parts of England with a large part of the region classed as remote.

From villages to remote farms where there are people, the ambulance service is needed.

Up to the minute technology allows the Trust to find the vast majority of properties in an instant but in a bid to reassure the population their property is not off the radar, the Trust has set up the Point Taken Team, initially capturing data in the Cumbria area only.

After all, if you live in a rural area, you’ll know that some places can be hard to find.

Hopefully, you will never need the services of a paramedic but if you are worried that an ambulance might not find your house when you have called 999, the Point Taken Team is there to put your mind at rest. All you need to do is contact the Team and give as many details as possible about the location of your property. Once the Team has these details it will check the Trust’s mapping system to see if your property is clearly marked.

If it isn’t, the Team can then use a variety of methods to put you on the map and enable emergency crews to accurately pin-point your address as fast as possible when you need them most.

If you live in the Cumbria area and are concerned that paramedics may not find your property when you call 999 then the Point Taken Team can put your mind at rest to make sure you are on the map.


Rachel Bates

Patient Experience Assistant

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Shoretel: 4311

Telephone: 0151 261 2588

[email protected]

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