Information From Dianne Bowes The NFG Benefits Advisor


Our NFG Benefits Advisor Dianne Bowes is still taking referrals for anyone who might be eligible for Attendance Allowance, Blue Badge, Employment Support Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, etc.

This is for anyone who thinks they may be entitled to financial help due to their low income or poor health, she can still talk to clients on the phone and see what benefits they might be open to.

Although restricted, she can send to the Department of Work and Pensions for the relevant forms, or give advice about applying online or by phone. If we get the forms sent, it puts us ready to go when the Lockdown is lifted and she can come back out.

Attendance Allowance

Not means tested, it is paid if people are struggling to do everyday tasks at home (e.g. washing, dressing, walking indoors, stairs, getting in and out of bed, taking medication) due to their mental or physical health issues. It looks at how you manage compared to someone of your own age who does not have any health problems.

It is paid even if you have no carers or other support for these things and the money can be spent on anything you choose – window cleaner, taxis, cleaner, gardener – how you spend the money is up to you and not monitored by anyone. It is currently £59.70 or £89.15 each week, depending how restricted you are by your health conditions.

The form is lengthy but straightforward and she can support with completing it.

The decision usually comes in 10-12 weeks, with back pay if eligible. It is useful extra money that the Government have put aside especially for if people need to pay for help around the house, or to cover extra heating bills and is useful to the local economy too as it can pay for local tradesmen like gardeners and domestic help, so you are doing your bit for the Community by claiming if you need it!

Please give her a call if you or someone you know might benefit from this. All conversations are strictly confidential.

Benefits advisor: Dianne Bowes

Tel: 07752 457513
Email: [email protected]

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