Music for Dementia

Music for Dementia

Janet Wilkinson, Dementia Awareness Advisor – looks at the recently released

 ‘Power of Music Report’

Music for Dementia and UK Music have produced a powerful report on how music can be used to transform our health, wellbeing and communities.  The results of the report released on 19th April have been widely publicised as the report highlights the impact music can have on our lives. Here is a quick look at the summary they provided.

Chapter 1 considers the impact of the pandemic on the mental and physical health of the UK and our communities.

Chaper 2 looks at the “Power of Music in Action”. A double page summary of some of the outstanding academic and scientific research which illustrates the true potential of music as a therapeutic and medical tool.

Chapter 3 – “Music on the Ground” shares four very different case studies where music has been used to; help build communities in areas with high levels of poverty; improve the wellbeing of farmers in Northern Ireland through a community choir. Music and dance also being used to help boost mood in care homes and give residents, families and carers a “proper night out” and finally a case study by the MHA on putting music at the heart of the care it provides for its residents.

Chapter 4 sets out a framework to “Harness the Power of Music” with government, health and social care sectors as well as the music sector all playing a part.

Chapter 5 concludes that this report is just the beginning rather than the end of this piece of work. It’s now up to all of us to harness the power of music.

(The full report can be found on the Music for Dementia website).

There is overwhelming evidence that music can especially benefit people living with dementia and their carers. If you know anyone who you think may be interested to discover how music can improve wellbeing please get in touch. My contact details can be found on the NFG website.

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