Minibus and Transport

The Minibus Service is for anyone of any age:

  • Who does not have their own transport
  • Has limited access to shared transport
  • Cannot drive their own cars temporarily
  • Needs disabled access

The Minibus can take you:

  • to the Doctor, Dentist, Clinic, shopping or village activities
  • to visit a friend in Hospital or in a Home
  • to get to a train or bus service
  • on any journey not possible by public transport

The Minibus:

  • is available Monday to Friday 9 – 5, and Saturday mornings
  • is booked on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, but wheelchair dependent passengers usually have priority as they cannot use the alternative of the Cumbria County Council Voluntary Car Service
  • is available for Evening and Weekend Outings if a voluntary driver is available – latest pick up time is 11pm.

Transport Co-ordinator  Antoinette Ward

  • Tel: 016974 78787 for more information or for bookings
  • This is an answer phone: please leave your name and phone number and we will ring you back.

A mileage charge is made for the use of the minibus: please ask for the current fares.

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