The Northern Fells Group is reliant on its volunteers, who make a huge contribution to the lives of people in the local community. There is good evidence that volunteering brings benefits to both the volunteer and to the people and organisations they support. In an attempt to measure this, Volunteering England commissioned the University of Wales to undertake some research on the subject. Dr Rachel Casiday, of the University of Wales, led the review. She describes some of its findings below.

“Volunteering can yield as many benefits, if not more, for the volunteers themselves.

Benefits can include a better quality of life, improved family relationships, meeting new people and improved self-esteem and sense of purpose.”

So what could you do as a volunteer with Northern Fells?

  • Offer to drive the minibus. Please contact the transport co-ordinators on 016974 78787
  • Join the “Lend a Hand” volunteers, and help someone in your local community.
  • Become a member of the team at one of the drop-ins. Please contact your village agent.
  • Make soup or cakes for one of the events, or for the Mosedale Coffee shop in the summer months.

So what do our volunteers get out of volunteering? One of our team sums it up like this:

“Since starting as an NFG volunteer I have enjoyed getting to know more people in the local community, who I may otherwise never have met. Some have become friends, as I visit them regularly.

As my own family responsibilities are now less, volunteering helps to keep me busy and gives me a sense of purpose, it feels like I am giving something back to the community. 

It is very flexible in terms of commitment. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to know I am helping older and possibly vulnerable people in our area.”

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