Surplus Apples

Surplus Apples Scheme 2017

If you know of any surplus apples that would otherwise be going to waste then please let us know. You can deliver them to our drop off points or we can help pick and help collect.  These schemes have worked very well in the past and have helped save waste as well as make our own very healthy and delicious blend of apple juice, jams and chutneys.


Every donor of apples will be given a bottle of juice and the remainder will go on sale and after costs the proceeds will be donated to the Northern Fells Group. Please remember that it takes a supermarket carrier bag full of apples to make a litre of juice.


In the past bottles of NFG apple juice, jams and chutneys have been bought as unique local Christmas presents.


If you are interested in helping collect/deliver apples we would be very happy to hear from you too.


Collection points are The Old Rectory, Caldbeck and the Men-in-Sheds Workshop in Caldbeck on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am- 2pm,


Please contact the coordinator Anne Cartmell on 016974 78484 or any Village Agent

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