Wigton Hospital Covid Vaccinations

A Rowan tree has been planted to mark the amazing work done by health workers and volunteers as part of the Covid vaccination programme in the area.

Watched by many volunteers involved in the scheme, the tree was planted in the grounds of Wigton hospital by Dr Richard Massey, a GP at Caldbeck surgery, and Simon Braithwaite of the Northern Fells Group.

More than 62,000 jabs have been given across the Keswick and Solway health areas since the crisis started – the vast majority at the Wigton hospital vaccination centre.

Some 161 volunteers gave up their time to man 2,753 shifts so the scheme could swing into action.

The volunteers were recruited and organised by Simon and manned the car park and queues at the hospital from December 21, 2020 until January 9 this year. They have also helped the spring vaccination programme .

Dr Massey, the clinical lead for Keswick and Solway Primary Care Network (PCN) said: “Our vaccination roll out simply wouldn’t have happened as safely and as speedily without all the volunteers who took part.

“We cannot thank our community enough for the way they have supported the programme – the volunteers that turned up in all weathers to help us at our hub at Wigton hospital and every single person who turned up and waited in line and smiled and chatted with our vaccination teams and did their bit to make sure they and their family and friends were protected.

Simon said: “The Covid 19 Pandemic was unprecedented in modern times. The response of the volunteers to the call for help was magnificent.

“Furthermore the volunteers carried on for over a year through all the weather that Cumbria could throw at them. “It is great to know that we still have such a strong Community spirit.”

Dr Massey also thanked Blood Bikes and neighbours near the hospital, including the Jehovahs Witness hall which allowed parking in its grounds.

The plaque to the tree reads: “In recognition and to thank volunteers and NHS colleagues for all their tireless work to deliver the Covid vaccination programme.”

The event was filmed by ITV Border and can be viewed here:

Wigton Hospital tree tribute to Covid vaccination volunteers across North Cumbria | ITV News Border

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